Carlos Rocha is a film student and freelance journalist. Born in Tyler, Texas he eventually picked up and moved to Pittsburgh, PA. At high school in Pennsylvania he got into producing and managing local Hip Hop acts in the area. After graduation, he enrolled in the Art Institute of Pittsburgh for Video Production where he completed a semester. His love of music kept him in close contact with musical acts and he eventually got into the business of putting on festivals at Slippery Rock Dunes.

In both August 2012 & 2013 respectively he had his most successful shows with Facefest, hosting the likes of Zach Deputy. Following those professional successes he struggled with homelessness and worked many jobs just to stay afloat. All the while he continued to work for Lyle Borger’s Ragoo Music Festival and produce Hip-Hop under the label RoAch Motel Records. In 2016 he reenrolled in film school and began writing for various publication such as the online magazine “Made In The District” & “Corner Politics” a blog created by the host of WeActRadios’s “On The Corner” program. Since reentering secondary education he has gotten videographer work from many different clients, switched his brand to RoAch Motel Media, maintains the website himself and now writes for Street Sense in a volunteer capacity as often as possible. He also mixes, masters and produces a podcast for Solidarity Strategies, weekly.

RoAch Motel Media hopes to facilitate those who wish to follow there dreams in media. It is home to Cdot Roach, his artistic talents + all of his cohorts and their projects. Its a bit rudimentary but look around and you will find the numerous things we are working on. Or you can contact us to stay up to date. Below are links to some of the previous media available online.

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Commercials, Podcasts, Reviews, Music.

Commercials, Podcasts, Reviews, Music.