NRR: Alien Covenant

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5 years after Prometheus, fans are treated to a sequel. Ridley Scott has made fantastic movies since, such as The Martian & lesser such as Exodus: Gods and Kings. Prometheus was special, a movie that grew on people over time. At first there was much todo about the lack of Xenomorphs and altogether answers. Society is simple, they like what they like and they want it handed to them. But in retrospect, the movie is a decent film about life and creation. Eventually Ridley wanted to make a franchise, like Marvel or Star Wars. He wanted his own giant ship to helm and since the Alien franchise has been mostly profitable, there is his in. He is now tasked with giving you a follow up to Prometheus¬†and a prequel to Alien. Which do people want more at this point? Alien hasn’t really been a huge thing since the 90’s and the cult fanbase around Prometheus has grown. Can he toe the line and give every viewer what they want? The answer is undoubtably No, so lets review why

Michael Fassbender returns and is easily the best part o the film. He plays 2 characters, both androids – who eventually have a scene together. A ship with thousands of passengers gets a message from Shaw. The Prometheus tie in’s are thinly veiled, but they make up the bulk for the movies first 2/3 run time. It comes across as a sort of rehash of what prometheus should have been, with some of its flaws as well, “What did you not wear a helmet”?!. There is an alien bursting from a persons back and an ambush through a wheat field. All things that prometheus could have done if it wasn’t so scared to be linked to the first alien. Then we meet up with David. David has been on this planet for 10 years after killing its inhabitants and for some reason his hair has grown. The film looks almost as beautiful as Prometheus as well, as Ridley never slacks on cinematography.

The best part of the film is the interactions between David and his counterpart Walter. and after they manage to hail rescue, this is where Scott thought the fun would begin. Sorry if I am being spoilery, I will leave the bit at the end unspoiled. It because Alien, down to their method of getting the creature off the ship. Its fun and slightly exciting, but it feels out of place. Rushed, especially if you’ve ever seen the one from the 70’s. That movie does in its entire runtime what this one does in 20 whole minutes, so it feels like tacked on fan service. having such an affinity for Prometheus, I’d have loved to explore that side of things more, but still.. If the movie doesn’t under perform in the box office I will be excited to see how they link it to the classic Alien. The marketing for this movie has to have reached near 100 million. It was on every TV, internet screen and hashtag. There were prologue videos on top of prologue videos and instagram sneak peaks and sport’s commercial spots. The cast did their rounds from internet sit-down to talk show, working their ass off in hopes that the covenant wouldn’t sink. Im a fan of the franchise and it was an interesting entry. I give it an 3.5/5

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