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Donald Glover (no relation), has been talking about this show since his last season on community. He left that older show before it ended to produce this musical comedy on FX where he has more control and I must say, even though it took 3 years – it was worth it. Admittedly I would have liked to have screened it last weekend at his Pharos Festival in Joshua Tree. Where he screened “The Big Bang/Streets on Lock”,  the following episode and some new music but, there is always next year.

Donald’s homeless, his cousin is a Trap rapper on the rise and his friend is the hype man. It feels all too real. Extremely relatable and funny in all the right, subtle moments. I’ve only visited the city on tour, but it’s apparent Donald gets it asthetic and harsh realities. It’s relaxed and supremely original as it navigates content from pride to misplaced priorities.

As the second episode starts I already have the DVr set to series recording. The three characters all work well within the context of the show and off each other. There’s something about being broke and making bad decisions that taps into my feelings. If you’re scared to take a chance how you gon get rich?
As a natural nitpickr I want to find flaws but end up just yearning to see the story progress.
I give it a 5/5
5 stars

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