NRR: The Bad Batch

Post apocalyptic is a genre not touched on too much by movie studios. Aside from B movies and some poorly aged films of the 70s and 80s, there isn’t much to choose from. So after watching a few Mad Max films, Book of Eli and The Road, i explored and found out about Bad Batch. The commercials do give away a heavy chunk of the film, which is the case almost every time these days. For being a films by a newer/lower profile director, it had some big names, which include an under utilized¬†Giovanni Ribisi¬†and [SPOILERS]…. Jim fucking Carey – who doesn’t speak a word, but it central to the plot moving forward.

Director Ana Lily Amirpour meanders alot in the film, straying off almost as if the plot was secondary to the other strange occurances in the world. This is appealing to me, but is understandbly not good for a film because not everyone is going to like the weird stuff. The cast is amazing and everyone plays their roles incredibly well, especially the greenhorn lead actress. The movie also looks great thanks to amazing production design. Its very stylish aswell. The CGI is limited, the director even noted that many times you might think they were using special effects, were mostly practical.

The world feels real and leaves you wanting to know what is beyond the town of Comfort and the cannibal city. It is not post apocalyptic in the way you’d expect from a desert/cannibal/lone wanderer film, because you don’t get to see outside of the desert jail that is Texas. Of course it fits into those stereotypes, but it is also so much different dude to the stylization of the cities and events. The directors first film was so very good, so alot of people had anxious and that is why critics consider this underwhelming. The story isn’t very engaging and the ending isn’t quite what you’d expect after watching for 2 hours. I liked it enough – to give it a 3.5/5

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