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Affleck's The Dark Knight Returns iteration of the Batman was perfect

Affleck’s The Dark Knight Returns iteration of the Batman was perfect

I kind of liked man of steel, but I didn’t love it. He’ll I liked superman Returns though, as it was a continuation of the best Dick Donner Superman movies. Anyway, Zack Snyder brought Superman back in decent form, regardless how morose it was. He was criticized hard for the Wanton death and destruction at the end. This is addressed at the beginning, after the rehash of the Batman origins. I waited until I could see the extra 30 minutes of the ultimate edition to review it.
It has been stated that the movie has to do too much. An apology for Man of Steel, a sequel to Man of Steel, An introduction to Batman, a shoehorn for the Justice League and a love letter to fans of the material. There are Parademons for no other reason then, I guess a potential sequel set up. I don’t even know what a parademon is, but I get it. They even added in a Flashpoint Paradox reference in one of the many dream sequences.
The set up for them to fight is ridiculous, Clark could have avoided the whole thing by speaking out, and the titular fight when it did occur was too short. And the reason the stop fighting feels insulting to me as an audience member, as though the writers thought no one would notice how much it was reaching. Lines like Clark about Bruce Wayne “who is he?” & batman to superman “I thought she was with you” are lazy and that type of screenwriting is throughout. Also I feel the new Lex Luthor over the top and should have been taken down just a few notches.

This is a world were superman is never smiling. Batfleck and Jeremy Irons are some of the few highlights for me. I also more than sort of liked Wonder Woman. The fight scene at the end was good, except batman doesn’t do much and how in the hell did we get there?! And the very ending.. they couldn’t have saved that for the Justice League? Another comic book moment SHOVED into the tail end of this movie. The extra 30 minutes fleshed things out a bit more; Luther framing superman, Clark’s point of view on the bat but besides that just another comic reference with Lex. Batman v Superman is not a good title and leaves me wondering “WHY DID YOU CHOOSE THAT NAME?!?!” 2/5
2 out of 5

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