NRR: The Belko Experiment

When I first saw the trailer, i was intrigued a bit by the plot and the players cast in the roles, but never expected I would watch it. Then one day my wife and I were wanting to see something scary and this came to mind because it was only revently released to video. It didnt disappoint as far as a couchsode horror movie with no real ‘roll your eye’ moments. Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn is a producer on the flick but that could mean anything and doesnt inist upon quality. But I never go into horror movies with the same scrutiny as i do dramas or comedy’s. Its more like; hows the trailer & the cover art… and those let me know if i should watch.

The idea behind it is cruel, as are the exicutions and murders that take place throughout. Some might not like this level of violence, bit i kept me both uncomfortable and entertained throughout the entire films run time. The only drop of interest that occured for me was when the good guys ultra good point of view became a sliver overbearing. Gore doesnt necessarily make a scary movie scarier, bit when implimented in the right way, it amplifies the results. Given the nightmarish scenario, in a perfect film you would be able to relate to the “follow the rules & get out alive” group, but its composed of such loathesome character that that is nearly impossible.

So the premise has potential to be a movie about turning people who usually would never do this kind of thing, into murderers to survive. It doesn’t because the characters seem to all fit either goody good or baddie bad – to put it simply. I never really saw that it should be more than a guilty pleasure thing, bit other reviewers correctly pointed out that the movie would be better if it was more satirical or comedic. If you want to see a non scary, tense movie with good plot, go see IT instead. Otherwise, if you are looking for a middle of the road horror experience, choose to watch Belko any day of the week with a companion.

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