NRR – Dr. Strange

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It feels a bit weird to do a Marvel movie. The 14th entry into the MCU and was something different for them. Everyone is comparing it to Guardians of the Galaxy because it feels fresh and new. Its similar in the subject matter and in the fact that it is building upon the world we know and love from Ironman in ways normal viewers didn’t expect. Honestly though once you see the space adventure going over well you have a hint that a modern movie about spells might be fine. This is Disney and that highly praised comic book Company we’re talking about. It is still an origin story, but it pulls it off with a different process.

Strange is a man who is pompous and knows everything. Its almost like if a young Dr. House had become a superhero. The ‘guy who starts out as a jackass but turns around’ is not only played out, but one of the weakest parts of the film. It’s Iron Man with a longer turnaround. The turn around is believable in that he is not as unwilling as he seems to change. The white lady as the ancient one is whitewashing, that is ever prominent in movies, but Tilda Swinton does an impressive job regardless. Rachel Mcadams also plays a version of the Night Nurse similar to Rosario Dawson in the Netflix shows. The world is big enough for the both of them (But not in New York though, for god’s sake) .

It is delightful what they did with the fella in green (Mordo), who is in the post credit scene. The way they set up his character with certain looks he gives and traits he has is going to be perfect for the sequel. The trailers also didn’t give away as much as normal trailers do and actually sell the movie to you without spoiling much. The villain was also a bit different, while remaining fairly similar. He is a white male antagonist like normal marvel movies, but as a stand in for the bigger bad at the end. The ending is done spectacularly, as things you’ve seen or learned throughout are all tied up as the hero fights a villain the like you have never seen in a marvel movie yet. Id give it a 4.5/5
4 and a half

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