NRR: Evil Dead

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I went into this film having never seen the original series, only heard about the impact of Ash. I heard of it through the cult following of these movies that spawned into video games and comic books like “Jason vs Freddy vs Ash”; which came out long before 2/3 of those characters had their big screen duel. I actually saw an episode of Ash vs the Evil Dead before I ever saw this remake because of all the things I had read about an Evil Dead 4 sequel that would happen parallel to the remakes sequel and eventually team up the survivors. The trailer drew me in more than anything else about the stuff I had read online, I just never got a chance to see this soft reboot in the years following. But the Director Fede Alvarez has moved on to anther horror film with a wonderful trailer (Don’t Breathe).

One might initially think the cabin in the woods thing has been done into the ground, and one would be right. The characters have found themselves in the same cabin from the original film, but with the intent helping a drug addict get clean. Once the horror starts, it is a wonderful gore-fest full of practical effects. It shares a framework with the original story only lacking in Bruce Campbell. It’s cliché and full of jump scares that are silly yet effective. The audience has to think at least once by the middle, why haven’t they left this place yet?!

The characters are not smart at all. Regardless what happens, they are always wandering off alone or tripping over something. They decide to leave way too late and then the torture porn lasts a long time for only having 5 victims. It is funny here and there, but is neither light hearted nor campy as Army of Darkness. It’s a scary movie that fits perfectly into a horror movie DVD night. The ending is the best part as the series tropes starts to leak out of the confines of the cabin. For better or worse, by the time the sun rises in their world you have likely reached your limit. This movie made me want to get into the franchise, regardless of its monotony, and for that I give it a 3.5/5

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