NRR: Fences

Nobody Reads Reviews

I’m incredibly picky with my reviews. Sometimes I go on a limb and just watch a movie, but most of the time I stick to something I know will be good. I should have seen this flick in December, when it came out, but my young behind had to see rogue one, which I still don’t regret. I found a copy of Fences that was ‘for awards consideration’ and after watching it to completion, it absolutely deserves one. Fences was a pulitzer prize winning play play created in the 80’s it was revived in the 2010’s with Viola & Denzel. They know the material well, and though it seems like the play has just been given a real setting instead of a set – it doesn’t detract.

The film deals with all of my favorite realities of life. Like it or not you will become, in someway, just like your parents – so don’t struggle too hard with the fact. Sometime you need a little escapism from the world you live day after day (for year after year), either by drinking on Fridays , or singing in the club or worse. The dialogue is impeccable from the start and the characters come off like real people. Real people, real situation with the structure of a play – is the best way I can describe it

The Pittsburgh setting doesn’t jump out at you, but it is subtly there in many scenes. The trailers let you know that this was going to be a heavy movie, and Viola brings it home with dramatic portrayal, destined to make you shed a tear or two. The timeline jumps forward a bunch, but that doesn’t hinder the storytelling, fitting the large period of fence building into the frame of 2 hours and 20 minutes. This movie is a blessing for cinemas and came out (along with Hidden Figures) just in time to make the Oscar’s Black enough to avoid protest. Everyone of its ported over Broadway stars deserves awarded. For that, I give what I rarely give. A 5/5


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