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If you were as excited as me about this, hold back

If you were as excited as me about this, hold back

The subject matter, a true story, feels kind of wasted in this movie. It’s a slow build, as the realism swiftly drifts off into boring territory. McConaughey has played characters in the past few years that keep me invested in a story, but this one teeters on not being one of them. The female slave lead reminds me too often of a light skinned version of the girl from Django. The music was reminiscent  of Deadwood. These issues kept reminding me of different period pieces and cause me to continually think the movie wasn’t telling the story in the way it should.

But that awe inspiring subject matter that brought me to the movie, keeps me watching as one character teaches the other to read. I love the idea of a people banding together and saying “No!”, taking things into their own hands and acting for the betterment of the community. Halfway through the story finally picks up. Some internal conflicts brew but are brushed over as it seems to constantly be ready to skip over the best parts. And towards the end it has another story interspersed within that did more to keep me from being invested than I suspect it meant to.

I wish I didn’t care so much about spoilers, because they layout of this movie is awesome, but partially due to screenplay and part due to delivery of the material, it just doesn’t keep me interested. The scenes and tone all felt right. The idea of southerners coming together regardless of race to fight the confederacy was impactful. This was one of those movies released at the same time as others that the public would favor more. Its understandable, I give this one a 2.5/5
50 star

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