NRR: Ghostbusters ’16

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These ended up being my faces throughout. :-)

These ended up being my faces throughout. 🙂

I had low expectations going into this movie. There are so many talented people who came together to make this movie, and yet it wasn’t as grand as it could have been. I laughed far fewer times during this movie then I did during the original, but I sort of blame that on my age. That old movie is timeless to people. That is why this was the most hated trailer ever on YouTube. It delivered on my assumption it wouldn’t be as good as the 1984 flick. Hollywood truly does push out these remakes without caring about the art of film-making. Its CGI heavy and honestly The above average rating it has gotten is likely due to a crutch of pity from the amount of Sexism that the internet gave it.
I did enjoy the ride while I was on it though. There were constant callbacks, that took me out of the movie a little, but they got a rise out of me. Chris Hemsworth was so goofy it got annoying.  Some of the funniest things were delivered by McKinnon & Jones. Kate McKinnon overplays it, which I like about her on SNL and that carried over into being a positive in this film. Leslie Jones is used more than Ernie Hudson (The unqualified black addition) and she comes in second as the Ghostbuster who gave me the most Laughs. McCarthy and Wiig are their usual selves, but that comes across as slightly 2 dimensional. Everyone will admit they miss Ray Parker Jr. & lastly, Chris Hemsworth was so goofy it was painful.

Should they have done a reboot? In my opinion no, but a 3rd installment would’ve likely fell short too as the 2nd wasn’t that great if you recall. Maybe a continuation would have been better, maybe it would have taken a whole different writer. Or maybe whole different group of talented individuals, with different ideas. Still liked it a bit though, I give it a 3/5

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