NRR: Gone Baby, Gone

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Ben Affleck crafts wonderful films behind the camera and normally pens them too. He deserves all the praise he gets because in his later years he has mastered both acting and directing. The dialogue is believable and absorbing. There is a ton of talk about best intentions & happens while characters act questionably. I love Morgan Freeman as a cop any chance I can get em. On top of that, this adaption of a book is written by the guy who wrote Mystic River.

Little Affleck shows his an ability to play a character from his home state. The mysteries winding excellently scene to scene. Critics call this a thriller, but one can also sense the elements of Noir. The cast surrounding him do not disappoint either, of which include the Black Smoke master from Lost and Michelle Monaghan. The narrative flows so naturally with a majority of things clicking for the film.

It’s always interesting to see these movies give the hints to you, hiding the fact they are clues for the finale. The story causes you to rethink what you would deem good and bad as Casey looks for this missing girl beside the police. You can feel it start to lose you in the middle when a misdirection leads the story to stall, but it comes back stronger for it. The whole thing ends and you are still left with the question “Did he do the right thing”?

4 and a half

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