NRR- Holidays

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Holidays is an anthology film that takes days used for celebration and vacation and turns them into dark and twisted short films. I was drawn in because I’m on a Kevin Smith cake, and he happens to Direct One. Besides him it’s a list of names I have not ever heard of before. Some deliver more than others. The scariest one, in my opinion is Easter. It made me feel uncomfortable and gave me high hopes early on.

Second best would have to be Father’s Day. With an intriguing plot, that carries on and you don’t quite know how it will end. When it’s over though, it’s little reminiscent I Am Legend and all that wonderful buildup was for nothing. Coming in a close third is Christmas, starring Seth Green. He does well and the subject matter is interesting and bothersome. The rest are varying levels of interesting and macabre.

Most horror movies in this day and age are disappointing. I long to find one that actually makes it hard for me to sleep at night. But far from scary and almost not entertaining is Halloween. Kevin Smith brings back his daughter and epic meal guy from his last 2 movies and makes a vulgar shop at the subject matter. I’m beginning to think Kevin only direct movies now as vehicles for his daughter. But, congratulations to the other directors for getting him involved bringing his built in audience to this movie. I watched it because he directed some of it. Otherwise I don’t think if I ever would have saw it. I give it a 2, out of 5
2 out of 5

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