NRR- Independence Day: Resurgence

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The director Roland Emmerich, this is what he does. He makes science Fiction movies that are too good to be on Sci-Fi network, but too bad to be excellent films. I was six when the first movie came out and can remember loving it. But upon rewatch, it’s not all it was once cracked up to be. I will forever love jeff Goldblum playing Jeff Goldblum – any time/any place. It was a mash up of all the effective thing you’ve ever seen in an Alien movie with added epic destruction of Important landmarks. Anyway, Roland has moved on to Toho hated Godzilla, the day after tomorrow, 2012 There is a pattern. He also Directed the Patriot, which you had to have seen in history class or TBS and White House Down.

First off, that one doctor died in Independence Day! And speaking of deaths Will Smith’s character died years before this movie takes place. I’d like to think he realized the novelty of the first movie or the horrible state of this ones’ script. But he says it’s because suicide squad was interfered. The unity of the whole world 20 years after the last attacks was a kind of a nice thing to bask in before the aliens showed up. The dialogue quickly gets clunky & everything is a bit too coincidental.  Initially some of the shot weren’t so bad for being entirely CGI creations, until the trailer shot of the ship getting to earth. Then man, does Roland put his destruction porn hat on.  Soon after, Voila the old gang is back together.

The young actor’s kind of fall short as well. Will Smith’s characters son is nowhere near as likable as will smith and the little Hemsworth does far from shine. In the midst of trying to be funny, trying to be serious and trying to be thrilling the movie loses me. The warlord is just over the top enough to keep me interesting, but only because I’ve stopped taking the film serious before the midpoint. If you don’t take it seriously at all it is a day at the theme parks. A fun ride, cheesy and expensive. But in the end it’s a joke, I give it a 2.5/5
50 star

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