WTNT: Jack Cole

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Alot of negativity can be said about Machinima, but when it it done well it is amazing. People spend hours in a game system building a world that looks cinematic to create a story from the universe provided in-game. Is it simpler than making movies? Yes, but that by no means makes the effort any less commendable. Especially when the result is something like JACK COLE. This is the best looking movie made from a video game I have ever seen. While people are out there making non-sensical movies with actual sets and actors, the guys at DMVE Studios took some common action movie tropes and the world of Grand Theft Auto and made one of the best action movies I’ve seen in a while (not counting John Wick). The only issue I have with it is the voice acting for the Big Bad, but this is only the beginning. Jack Cole has a sequel that is of higher quality that you should peep after this.

and if you like that, which you should the sequel is even better Jack Cole: A Greater Evil

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