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& You Know This Plot

& You Know This Plot

Within the first few minutes of Jason Bourne you are thrown the classic ingredients of a Bourne flick. From the old white villain, to the room full of people on computers and even Bourne in some shaky cam fights, it all feels familiar. I cant state enough that they really did just decide to rehash old ground with this one. I was expecting it to be a huge to do, with Paul Greengrass finally getting 45 year old Matt Damon back into the ring as my favorite assassin. Maybe he’d finally be a professor, as he is in the books, maybe He’d go up against Carl The Jackal but no. He is old, grizzled and up to the same old thing from 9 years ago.

I wanted to be into it even though they do not provide anything spectacular in the thin plot device of adding his father into the mix and the female still falling fast to assist him in the end. I liked the addition of the character who pioneered a new app, but global surveillance is something that is being beaten to death by movies the past two years. Even the car chases underwhelmed me when, at one point, a vehicle barrels through traffic knocking 15 cars out of the way effortlessly. Jason is now out of hiding, barely speaking and heavy on the series tropes. They don’t even give the rival assassin a name, just calling him the asset, a title which every opposing killer has had along with their names in previous films.

It doesn’t feel the same, while presenting us with the same things. It doesn’t give us anything new, while they promised in interviews leading up that this would venture into new territory. The action is still fun but is hindered a bit by my expectations. I give it my favorite score, a 3/ 5


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