NRR – What Now?

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I am a bit biased. Having been a fan  since the first time I saw him in the paper soldiers movie. Being a young man and not realizing he was a nobody in Soul Plane or Scary Movie 3. All the Way back to Shaq’s All Star Comedy Jam. Things started getting real from the moment he dripped his first special, I’m a Grown Little Man. Kevin Hart has been on the rise ever since that DVD found its way into everyone’s household. He started making quotable comedy, with punchlines he would repeat through out to drive-in familiarity. His star only rose from there, after Laugh at My Pain got a theatrical release and did numbers

90 cities. $15 million

Before Kevin stands in front of his hometown stadium, gold microphone in hand, we are “treated” to a preliminary skit. Many classic stand ups have these introductions on them, including Eddie Murphy’s Raw, that was written by Keenen Ivory Wayan. But this was simply a Casino Royale rip off. & all the best jokes frm that are squandered in the trailer. Hart is reliant on creating new catchphrases early, a habit that seems to work on the crowd. Though, it is obvious he is milking these catchphrases, which are not as memorable as his previous.

It isn’t his best set, but he’s at his best when he’s honest and vulnerable but not all the outrageous stuff falls flat. The backdrop screens occasional assist in the jokes, which was a change up from a the comedians normally non interactive stage. He is undeniably a king of comedy, selling out numerous stadiums in the What Now? Tour and he has mastered of his craft. As a fan of Hart, you might expect him to focus on more realistic things from his roots in Philadelphia, but instead it was loud and bombastic. While I’m a Grown Little Man will always be my favorite, I give this one a 3.5 stars.

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