NRR – Lethal Weapon

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Just like a similar movie to TV remake (Rush Hour), Lethal Weapon hearkens back to the original material heavily in the opening episode. Nostalgia to the original with Glover as the straight man and Gibson as the over the top cop with a death wish is grunted for fans of the original film series. It was the quintessential action movie that was touching and believable. Watching those characters grow to their final destination adds to the potential difficulty the reboot will have, carrying that same task. Honestly, it’s a bit over the top throughout.

The new Murtaugh is a good fit, and though he now come with a southern accident, he makes you feel for his losses like Gibson in a short amount of time. The new Riggs is in on the joke more than Gibson’s was but they feel smiling because it’s pounced in your head that he too might be too old for this. Director McG fills the pilot with action and emotion as he gives us a glimpse into the potential of this series. Some of the editorial cuts are quick and it seems like they want to deliver a lot in the 22 minute time frame.

The over the top aspect is due to it needing to keep the 2016 TV watching audience on board throughout. The acting from some secondary characters isn’t the best but the rehashed story remains endearing. This property, lent to Fox by Warner Bros and followed by empire on premiere night has the makings of a very decent show. Let’s hope they can keep it up. I give it a 4/5


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