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Its hard to watch somebody strike out. Gone Baby, Gone is such a great movie, I hear The Town was too and I loved Argo. The critical reaction of this movie scared Ben Affleck away from directing The Batman It’s got to be a serious dud right? Well Ben is still ben, so don’t count on it. after hearing the negativity I had to see for myself and it turns out to be just a couple of missteps that took this film from potentially great, to good. My favorite genre as a youth was genre movies and this is an adaption of a book by the writer of Gone Baby, Gone. It deserves a watch off merit alone.

Off the bat it is rushing and there is narration. Narration is rarely a good thing because it a lazy tool for explaining what is going on. The movie rushes honestly because it wants to fit a whole novel into a two hour movie without cherrypicking scenes. This is a detriment to the final product. They felt the narration was needed so they could get across all the things they have to brush past and you end up hearing about important notes and beats instead of seeing them unfold. The cinematography is good though and Ben Affleck portrays a believable good guy criminal starting from the bottom. The action scenes are some of the best bits about the film.

There is also very little dirty and grime in this world, everything is very polished and clean for the 1930’s. It has some great characters but you are not given quite enough time with them. One second¬†with Zoe Saldana it’s “Ill never lay with you”, the next it’s making with the sex. This comes off as a little laugh moment but then the next time you see them together she wants to get married. The characters obstacle changes often throughout as well from one antagonist to the next. He’s madly in love with Sienna Miller then Saldana, its really all over the place. If this were a TV series, I certainly would have watched it. Many things about the film go well, the acting, the action & the character’s choices but what is connecting doe not. In the end I say this film could have used the touch of a different director. Sorry ben, I still give it a 3.5/5

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