NRR: Logan

My excitement for Logan was two fold. One, I was excited to see them show Wolverine do some serious killing. In the past they had stretched the PG13 rating, like in X2 or The Wolverine, but it tended to be many of shots of him slicing at people or stabbing their chest. In this film we get head shots. Also, the story of X-23 was one of the only ones I read in the comics. I feel attached to her and was excited to see how she was portrayed on film. Also, there was a bit of a rush to think of characters I had known from previous movies dropping the F bomb. The film also gives a surprising number of callbacks previous films; X-Men, Origins & The Wolverine.

The tone of the film is very much captured in that first trailer. Charles has dementia and his brain is deteriorating, Logan is doing an odd job to make ends meet and Caliban has given up a life of locating mutants with Olivia Munn. The characters are all portrayed to their fullest, even Caliban (who we saw portrayed by a different actor in AoA).The set up of the story is a beautiful mesh of Old Man Logan and X-23’s origin. We all know Jackman and Stewart deliver, they sell the shit out of the father/son dynamic, but the bad guy played by Boyd Holbrook & Dafne Keen’s Laura have also been cast perfectly. The action is as great as any other X-men film, but one could argue better because it comes across more real. This is slightly due to the R-Rating, but has alot more to do with the writing.

That being said, while there is enjoyment to be gotten from the film, there is no joy – especially in the final hour of the movie. It’s tragic. It’s raw. You realize upon meeting this family, shown in the trailers giving the trip a hot meal, that they are going to be dispatched. They’ve just got to be. And its an emotional roller coaster ride. I’d say the moment they introduce X-24, his character just gives you anxiety. You know that he is a near unstoppable force that Logan would be hard pressed to ever defeat.  All of the sad moments are followed by dismal moments. You are given a bit of hope, but it is fleeting because you know soon, insurmountable odds face our heroes. It is awesome to watch Logan grow out of what he has become due to this miniature female version of himself. The film is honestly a western about a gunslinger long past his era. I immediately wanted to see it again and I suggest everyone who is a fan of the X-men, the character, Westerns or action in general go see this. I rarely do this, but this film gets a 5/5 from me.

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