NRR – Magnificent Seven

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ut of the gate Magnificent 7 comes off a little like Django, but with the noticeable lack of the n word. There is a splash of True Grit, with a strong female requesting help from a certified bad ass, played by Denzel. It was nice to have Antoine fuqua linking back up with Washington & Hawke years after Training Day blew our minds. But this film isn’t Training Day, but a western about revenge and redemption

Besides Pratt, the other characters rarely explain why they take on the task at . Emma Cullen’s life savings couldn’t be enough for 7 men to potentially kill themselves. It is a Predictable plot, more so given its a direct remake of a remake. But for a generation who’s never seen the original, it’s fun. You can sort of tell what will happen by the end, but it’s not all sunshine & rainbows along the way. There is violence in abundance yet it is not excessive, like a Tarantino western.

Ensemble cast let’s you in on enough of the characters to care. But they aren’t superbly developed. Although they did better than suicide squad. Its obvious from the trailers that of all the actors involved Chris Pratt doesn’t blend with the aesthetic, yet is not as bad as one would imagine. The movie lacks a little depth but the actors gets you to feel for the story, especially Peter Sarsgaard’s villain. The film blasts it’s way into my heart. I give it a 4/5

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