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An astonishing Sci-Fi Delight

An astonishing Sci-Fi Delight

A co-worker recommended Midnight Special to me and I decided to review it because I need to review more relevant/newer films. This was sold to me as a Sci Fi movie about a boy with special powers who a lot of people are after and it has an “Unbreakable” moment at the end; meaning a twist. I enjoyed the fact that everyone is after him and we are slowly reveled the types of powers he has. I was hoping for Meta-Human.

Half way through I am excited to see the man who played the FBI criminal in Black Mass, Kirsten Dunst & Adam Driver who all deliver decent performances. It was cool that he was reading comics because I thought this story seemed sort of Comic Book Origin- like. When it turned out to be a Superman comic I thought the connection there was something deeper.  When the boy gets to talking, I am enamored by his acting ability. It is believable and comes across as real and natural.  Then he gets to explain himself and I thought he has to be some sort of Godson or Angel.

I never saw all the 80’s movie(s) that this film is compared to, and I am glad because it seems to taint peoples opinions of it. You feel this movie, like when the cult catches the group; you are on the edge of your seat. The movie pushes forward and damn, do I think its aliens at this point. Adam Drivers character wraps up really well and the suspense toward what the end game is going to be is built up incredibly. I have to say I didn’t love the ending, but the visuals and storytelling more than made up for that. I say it gets a 4/5


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