NRR: Mindenki (Sing)

A 25 minute short! I know they can go on to be at least 40 minutes, but I have been told if you want to make any impact, the shorter the better. This Hungarian film deserves every minute though. It’s about a new girl who moves to a school where choir is a big part of the children’s lives. I keep thinking about logistics as I watch, like; this is a movie with all children, it must have taken forever to film. Regardless, it feels like such a realistic depiction.  Also, the background is often a choir of singing children, so kudos has to go out to the composer and coordinator of the music as well.

A more popular girl befriends our main character and the adventure is on. You’re introduced to charming chain-smoking choir teachers and the kid’s day-to-day life as child actors emote with their expressions more than words. The acting by such tiny humans is spectacular. The main 2 are the most focused and you never get the Jake Lloyd/Phantom Menace feel (whoopiee!). The rest of the little ones act childish, except in the presence of their teachers and it gives the scenes an air of believability.

The cinematography was wonderful on top of that, particularly in the ‘recess’ and ‘walking home’ scenes. At one point both characters stop at an ally way that is so beautiful yet still works to focus the viewers eyes right at the subjects. The ending was very satisfying as I never saw it happening that way. I was convinced they were going one way, which they did – but they through a curveball first that made me love it more.  I’m a sucker for resistance. That and the raw emotion felt from the tiny little characters made me enjoy the film much more than I had anticipated. I give it 4.5/5
4 and a half

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