NRR- Morgan

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The trailer, like most trailers, gives away a good bit of the first half of the story. That did not stunt my enjoyment of the first half of this movie. Paul Giamatti & Sara Mara (the character Lee) play an incredibly good counterpoint to the cult following of the bioengineered Morgan. They have grown to love this creation of their’s far too much, putting their safety aside for the emotional connection to what is often called “it”. It is hard to like Lee, who is the dry, mean voice of corporate.

People brush this movie off as a waste because it’s basically Frankenstein. I disagree, since it’s hard to have a horror/thriller that catches my attention. This movie had me attached, expanding on the idea from the trailer in an Alien-esque way. Giamatti’s scene was my I elevate but after that it admittedly goes downhill. I’m constantly asking myself who no one has done anything but point a gun at her.

Someone shoot this dangerous machine! Throughout, the character Lee holds her own against Morgan too well. The last half of the flick is part horror part Jason Bourne action. Once Morgan’s out she does have a beautiful “Heaven is in you to see” moment. The reveal at the tail end dusts me off as my interest slowly drained. It was a decent twist. I give it a 3/5

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