NRR: Mystic River

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This is another movie focused on 3 characters, which is something I like, but I bet is hard to balance. Perfectly giving us each of their problems while focusing on the central story. Clint Eastwood directs Mystic River and it was in my opinion the beginning of him becoming the masterful director we know him as today. Emmy Rossum of my favorite TV show since LOST is in this film. I keep digging into the crates and finding fantastic movies, making me disappointed in myself for never having seen them earlier.

Everyone in this ensemble is acting his or her ass off, including Tim Robbins. Tim’s character had a tragedy happen to him as a youth and it has made him a little weird as an adult. The way they keep certain things from you and focus on his idiosyncrasies is a bit like Gone Girl, pointing you in an obvious direction. Before they reveal a twist that you couldn’t see coming, though there are hints throughout the picture. Kevin Bacon is quoted as saying it was his favorite film he has ever worked on and Sean Penn’s scenes had me on the verge of tears.

Thank God for Clint Eastwood, who is sincerely focused on making great films and so often brings perfection to the screen. The scenes are a bit drawn out in this film, based on a book and the score is the perfect fit to that. The film was also scored by Eastwood! In the end you get a satisfying conclusion to this seemingly simple mystery the movie presented you in the beginning. The female characters are a bit off to me, yet they are both portrayed incredibly. & Even though the initial bit of Laura Linney’s closing monologue is moving, the ends seems a tangled mess. So you wanted your husband to be a gangster? The ending should have been Penn walking down the street with a beer. Regardless, they collectively bring out the best in this movie and I give it a 4.5/5
4 and a half

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