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This guy David Ayer (Street Kings/ Suicide Squad) clocks in another movie I love to watch.

This guy David Ayer (Street Kings/ Suicide Squad) clocks in another movie I love to watch.

So I never saw David Ayer tank movie “Fury” anytime directly after it came out & i never looked up a critics review. Mostly because I figured “what can you do with guys in a tank for 2 whole hours. But it got good reviews from the regular joes who went, saw it and asked me (a lover of good films) if I had seen it. I watched it on hbo recently, paying too-little attention and I to liked it. I decided in lieu of my SS review I’d go back and give her a propper viewing for the NRR.

I love a good ensemble cast, and this is half of one. Brad Pitt does a great job playing the leader of a team of guys who fights the nazi’s. He did that great in Inglorious Basterds and it seems he will be doing again in Allied, with each one being played straighter and straighter. The characters surrounding Pitt all have one trait that they are banking on, making them sort of thin. The bible thumper, the mexican, the scoundrel and the green horn. They did grow on me though, by the end because the actors do a good job with what is presented to them.

It captures the feel of WWII and the music is wonderfully fitting, which harkened my senses to Saving Private Ryan. But the story is no where near as good as SPR. David Ayer does well bringing his script to life, but it could have been improved upon. The dialouge doesnt always seem natural and the finale seems forced. But boy was it brutal, seemingly epic and for my sensibilities entertaining. It’s a filthy, macho & crude depiction of the second World War in a tank. I give it a 3.5 out of 5.


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