NRR: Office Christmas Party

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When I saw the trailers for this thing back in December I thought “Wow, this thing has a stacked cast”. I never really wanted to see it, especially with all the seemingly good Hollywood fare that was out before Christmas. Now its on DVD and I figured I’d give it a shot. Directed by the pair who did ‘Blades of Glory’ and written by like 6 people, I knew it had potential to be funny. During the beginning of the film my companions and I had a running joke “Oscars for Eveybody”! Whenever something outlandish or childishly funny happened we would use the expression. I counted at least 11 for us.

The films story jolts from one task to the other. You have 2 hours to save this company so we need to get this guy to partner up, so we have to have a wild Christmas party. Our boss has gone missing; we need to find the pimp who’s holding him hostage. It moves quickly from one beat to the next. The whole city has a problem, but I’ve been working on the solution for months and now know what I’ve been missing. You might think of the office a few times as you see different goofy stereotypes of characters in a workplace throughout the film. The best part from Olivia Munn was her delivery in her introduction, but the rest of the time it’s apparent she is the destined love interest for J.Bateman’s character.

Jennifer Aniston is literally scrooge. Kate McKinnon is a certainly a highlight, but is also the one forced to sell the fart joke. Some other parts of the film with potential are the first time uber driver character that is in the movie all too briefly. The security guard is one of the few characters who gave me genuine laughs. The movie has a ton of potential but comes up short, unless you like that type of humor. It rarely tickles my funny bone

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