As Carlos Rocha moves forward in his pursuits, he reaches to cover all media. He’s worked his way into certain blogs, entertainment news sites and papers, freelance. He enjoys writing and getting his opinion out in different avenues. He is currently involved with Street Sense,  Corner Politics & MadeInTheDistrict, but is ever searching for more outlets. Here he discusses whatever is on his mind, things relevant to him and topics that he feels needs more coverage. There are also some topics he was paid to cover. Also in his repertoire are entertainment issues, and so there is a link at the bottom for the entertainment pieces he has done.

Street Sense (3/16) D.C. Council Hears Testimony on Unsafe City-funded Housing
Street Sense (1/25) Hundreds Protest Trump’s Anti Immigration Rhetoric
StreetSense (1/11) The Obituary of Tim Ray 
(1/10) Streaming music Brief Follow-up
Corner Politics (1/3)- FaceCrack
Corner Politics (12/17)- The Problems with Soulja Boy
Corner Politics (12/3)- Domestic Violence Wears Many Tags
Corner Politics (11/29) – The Life & Times of Kanye West
Corner Politics (11/4) – Continuing the DA Pipeline Issue
Made In The District
(10/25)- Was Drake Wrong for going at Kid Cudi?
Made In The District (10/20)- REI Opens a Store in Historic Stadium
Corner Politics (9/26)- Streaming Set to Save the Music Industry
Made In The District
(9/22)- DC Ups The Dosage on Medical
Solidarity Strategies
(9/16)- Green Room Reception

Entertainment Write-ups

Come chop it up at a blog that's like the Barber shop. Where you'll get brutal honesty & good ol' fashioned talking shop

Come chop it up at a blog that’s like the Barber shop. Where you’ll get brutal honesty & good ol’ fashioned talking sh*t