NRR: Passengers

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When I heard about a movie starring only the most beautiful people in Hollywood, it made sense. Shooting to stardom and starring in your own space version of Titanic together seems like destiny for Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence. This is a very good Sci-Fi fair which I imagined would be ruined by the trailer. In actuality a big part of the film was never alluded to in the trailer, making for a wonderful surprise. This surprise has led to a lot of debate over the movie and if it does justice to such a storyline. It has a Hollywood ending, meandered with the idea of being misplaced in space, where they could have gone deep with it.

The first act, carried completely by Chris Pratt, is the best. He awakens to find only an android bartender to talk to & Michael Sheen is wonderful in this role. It’s like he’s lost on an island, but he knows how to access almost anything because he is an engineer. He could build you a house. The CGI is great and renders all of the environments believably.  That can also be attributed to production design. Lawrence and Pratt have great chemistry, add to the fact that they are beautiful and it makes the film easy to watch.

It’s sort of hard to do a spoiler free review when one plot point is so important to the film and discussion that comes with it. Let’s say Pratt acts like a stalker and still gets the girl. That’s a simplification, but by the time the great Lawrence Fishburne awakens, things have gone south. It gets resolved by the end though because some trouble that’s been hiding behind Pratt’s (more than creepy) issue comes to a head and it is time for him to save the day. While exploring, these should be the basis for a great movie, the buck stops at slightly above average. It’s pacing, predictability, the fact he should have died at the end like Leo, and how everything wraps up with a pretty little bow detract from this being an epic Sci-Fi adventure.For that, I give this film a 3.5/

I left thinking- they probably went through all the provisions for those people who were going to wake up and colonize that Homestead II – not that the film was sexist. Maybe it is just because I’m a man. (also, was that Andy Garcia?!)

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