NRR: Pirates 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Pirates of the Caribbean was one of my most beloved franchises growing up. The first one was amazing and off of the love for those characters and the setting, i found the following three also enthralling (only to a lesser extent). When on stranger tides popped up, i was more than disappointed. It didn’t have the punch or pizzazz that i remember after seeing the others in theaters. When i heard they were making another one, i was sort of excited, especially after hearing they were going to tie it closer to the previous trilogy. Building onto established cannon is how a studio can best reach me. They did change some things about Jacks past from the expanded universe, having to do with his compass, clothes & his name but – no one reads books anyway.

Captain Jack sparrow is past his prime in the film. Gone are the days when he pulled off an escape that left you in awe, because now he is just a baffoon. His comedic timing is still on point, as far as quips, but he’s not altogether as charismatic. The story links up Will and Hector’s kids to give us a reason to care about the young protagonists this time around and give their story some weight. Still, it is chalked full of needless extra stuff. Theyre being chased by the government, there is a wedding, there’s a fake witch and a real witch all to beef up the screenplay well beyond what it needed to be. This was sort an issue with on sttanger tides aswell, but at least this film does a better job with the sum of its parts. There is also a wonderful scene with a de-aged johnny depp in both looks and voice. Even with thay, theyre still failing to recapture what they had with CurseoftheBlackPearl.

A few of the ship scenes were obviously CGI, which was next to never the case with the original trilogy. The action scenes are a blast (especially the closing set piece & the hanging). New mystical artifacts, CGI villain and the heart presented by the young leads will leave you with a familiar feel from the previous films. Speaking of the Villain, Javier Bardem has potential, but he is often underutilized and comes across as lacking dimension. As a whole it gives you closure and even though this is old hat, i would still watch one final pirates movie. I think though that America is beyond this franchise, even if it still killed it overseas ($792 million total) & with that, i still give it a 4/5

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