NRR: Power Rangers

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This is a movie for younger audiences, which isn’t surprising to me. I was 5 years old when I was hit with the Mighty Morphin Power Ranges bug myself. After that, I didn’t really care for the 90 iterations that have been around since then. They are going to eventually move to them, it seems, as the movie sets up Zeo Crystals and was planned to have 5 sequels lied up before opening day. The studio had a lot of faith in this movie. The cast was full of beautiful twenty-something’s playing teens and they did a decent job, especially the blue ranger, who is meant to be on the Autism Scale. I will say if you never liked the Power Rangers or if you aren’t a young child, you likely won’t get too much enjoyment from this movie. +Slight spoiler for those who DID love the show; they don’t suit up until very close to the end of the story, and by then I was already pining for a visit from the Green Ranger.

Don’t expect the grittiness of the YouTube revamp from years ago (by that guy who does all those good YouTube send ups, ex: Dirty Laundry). This is still very campy like the original. It also follows the originals structure and story, while also making it a fair amount like the movie Chronicle. This leaves the maker of Chronicle sort of salty because at one point early on he was attached as a write. Banks as Rita starts out looking like Enchantress and taking the role a bit too serious – like no one told her this WASN’T the gritty, realistic retelling of the story. She never found the balance of camp-to-realism . The opening scene is one shot with no cuts, something I didn’t expect from a ‘supehero’ movie remake. It was one of my favorite cinematic moments in the film, even when it is assisted by CGI. Zordon is a bit more selfish, which gives his character more depth. Cranston and Hader are perfectly cast as the aliens who propel the training of the Power Rangers.

While they do go very ‘Force Awakens’ (by that I mean try to spice it up and have the characters reach a broader audience with their archetypes and characteristics), the original had the black ranger be a black guy and the yellow ranger be Asian, so that isn’t something to punish. Speaking of Trini as a lesbian was tacked on, like the studio just wanted to tout about a lesbian character in their movie. Her whole character seemed tacked on actually and the same goes with Zack, as they aren’t given as much of a spotlight as the other three. The Krispy Kreme product placement gets old and similar to Banks the whole film struggle when locking down a tone. There is a good message of unity though, sticking to the core values of the original franchise. I still feel like giving this fun movie a 3/5

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