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Ridley Scott did 200 commercials before he made his first feature film. His second movie was alien, which he meticulously storyboarded. He has a passion for this universe and really wants to make it a viable franchise to compete in today’s marketplace of summer tentpoles. I may have not always appreciated the franchise, because it was a bit older than me – but I always liked Prometheus. So you could take the things I say with a grain of salt or, you can realize I’m not going to ‘ve the type to get all caught up on the fact that this film has No Xenomorph and get down trodden. Did I mention it was written by Lost head writer Damon Lindleof?! The hype and enjoyment of this movie has always been real, but it has grown in anticipation for Covenant, I will admit.

he film is beautiful and it wants you to see that immediately. The first 1/4 of the movie is pretty much all gorgeous landscape shots. It does follow the general outline of Alien better than you might be remembering the wonderful design is complimented by brilliant acting. A variety of talents from Idris Elba the smooth captain, to Charlize Theron the stoic captain, Michael Fassbender the manipulative android and Guy Pierce as THE Wayland who started all this make up the cast. The story is magnificent and truly left of to the viewer to decipher but the actions of some of these wonderful characters are inexcusable. Why run off from the group? Why take your helmet off? Why play with that white snake? & those aren’t the only burning questions because if you don’t like the thought of it being a Choose your answer adventure story you will be left wondering; Why did those drawings lead them to a weapons facility? Why did that huge space jockey get so violent immediately? Why did they want to destroy earth?.. apparently in an earlier draft, it was because 2100 years before the Engineers sent one of their own to tutor the humans and they crucified him. Honestly, it’s better in ambiguity.

The general consensus was mine initially as well (in 2012), over ambitious – with too little presence of the Xenomorphs. Now, upon rewatch the movie seems better off without them, though some use for the Deacon would have been pleasant. With a few strong female leads the movie manages to deliver side characters with some depth along and an android 100x better than Ash. This film is scary and builds on the mythology of Alien without leaning on the famous creature. This movie makes you think for yourself and never hands you all the answers & with so many questions you my need a rewatch before you can even solidify a decent theory on the subject matter. But it doesn’t hold your hand and that’s why I give it a 4/5

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