Shadows In The Streets (Pre pt2)

I can’t think of this as mine anymore. It’s gotta be our. So I conceded to give him co-writer because he has added a lot to the script since his came on board. My barber also told me an attitude is gonna hinder me In professional life. Like Troy Duffy. We schedule a rehearsal for the Paul scene & the Cell Store and then another for the chili bowl scenes – making at least 2┬áreversal for every scene except the Chili Bowl scene.

After meeting with Vida, seeing what the shop is like for breakfast and her allowing us to use her T-shirts everything seemed peachy. She just insisted on meeting with the director too and run scenes, so my time was kind of a waste. – but I had to in order to have the famous Chili Bowl. . During that meeting he broached a subject I stayed away from – the fact that one of the potential fictitious employees was a dick. I knew better and assumed Tim would aswell.. never assume. She likely wouldn’t be there on the day of and the character of Dick Daniel was important to the film. She said she wasn’t having that. So due to a meeting with the director – which I thought would go over smooth, we potentially lost Ben’s Chili Bowl.

One of the biggest debacles would be – initially everyone was on board for march 10th. Everyone. Sure, they were unpolished and probably wouldn’t have accomplished the main goal of a great movie – but now it’s hard to get everyone on board for rehearsals/shooting. The female I had acquired from We Act hasn’t showed up for one rehearsal so we had to fire her. Tim claimed he had a replacement. This had really become Tim’s boat that I had just help build. I was still fully invested and believed he could make a good film – but my vision had escaped my grasp. My ten minute movie was slowly becoming a 20 minute picture with all of Tim’s rewrites and creative, artistic liberties.

It was and is disheartening. I pretty much had a baby and gave it up for adoption – and now I’m watching someone else raise it. All because I lacked the confidence in myself to do it right.. but upon approaching our shooting scheduled day I was calm about it. I still have faith in Tim’s eye and we were very close to starting this up.

Just like development into pre. Pre has leaked into pro. During production I had to re lock the location by talking to Vida and giving her.. well, I decided to lie to her and not use logos so in the end I could still have Ben’s in the end.
Tim and I decided to replace the female Manager role because Leigh never showed up for any rehearsals, but Tim couldn’t lock down a replacement so I never formally fired her. She’s a budding artist who thinks herself a big deal. I can appreciate that, even though she has put us through things I wouldn’t allow anyone else to put us through.

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