NRR: Silent Nights

This one is 30 minutes. I was happy within the first 5 minutes, to find out this movie had English. While I borderline enjoy subtitles. Essentially it is about the relationship between  a worker at a shelter and a Ghanan refugee. It strangely felt like the decisions the female main character made, through the movie were choices a man would make, not a woman. I guess deep inside myself I look at woman as more sensible then men. The chances she took to overlook one thing or another throughout seemed more like the a thirsty male. But it is not just decisions she made about sex, just in general they seemed to not make sense for a reasonable adult.

But upon retrospect, she is sort of presented as thirsty herself. She’s older, taking care of her parent and in need of some lovin’ & affection.  The life of the refugee is also presented well. He is given hardships in the form of a side character and also through vile racism towards black folks in the city of Denmark. Being from America, it is interesting to see Danish racism. The movie is heavy handed with it’s drama. Not in the acting, the scenes are all acted considerably well, but there is just trope after trope layering this short film.

I wasn’t too enthralled by the cinematography. The story is visually delivered well, but in my eyes nothing to write home about. I still take issue with alot of the actions of the female main character, as they seemed unrealistic. I know I am pushing that point but especially towards the end after she convenes with her male co worker, who gives her advice no one would give in that situation. This leads to the wonderful, but not at all moving, conclusion to the male main character story. A redeeming factor was the last minute or 30 seconds of the film. My Lord did it take me by surprise! But the many cliches and unrealistic actions by the characters get this film.  3.5/5

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