Someone’ll Read These

Everyone says If you want to make good movies you’ve got to watch a lot of movies. I have personally never been the type to watch all the Oscar films though, as I don’t like to swoon over what the media tells me to swoon over. Everybody loves every movie at the Oscars. But nobody watches the shorts. Not many people at least. If I ever want to be someone who writes a half decent short, I should watch people shorts. At film school I do – All DAY, and I highlight them in my Watch This Next Time. But these are amateurish shorts. Don’t get me wrong, they have some tasty morsels in the bunch, but not professional. Nothing I’d want to aspire towards, those are more like something I’d make. So, in the next week, save for one or two reviews – I will be reviewing Oscar Nominated Live Action Shorts.

Silent Nights
La Femme et le TGV
Ennemis Intérieurs

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