NRR: Rogue One

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Of course, the hype about Star Wars is in full force. And Rogue One surely deserved 2 viewings before I went ahead and reviewed it. Upon first watch I loved it. I could say it handled both the Star (numerous planets) & the Wars (so many battles) better than alot of the other films in the series. I was enamored by that first viewing. All that fan service from Tarkin to the Gold & Red leaders being included was awesome. I loved seeing Bailey Organa and the lady who played Mon Mothma in ep3 and even that brief glimpse of Chopper on Yavin 4. On top of all that they match the aesthetic of the OT perfectly.

It gives you the plight of the Rebellion in a way that the original trilogy only alluded to. They aren’t much different from the empire, like in the way Cassian killed that guy to save their secrets… just doing what he had to do for the cause. Jyn’s plight to fulfill her father’s legacy and the explanation of that crazy flaw in the death star were some of the highlights in the story. K2S0 was the highest of high points as he was the best character in the film from this reviewer’s perspective. Thee action was also a highlight, as we got to see alot of different explosions and battles (including the one alluded to in ep4’s opening crawl). Saw’s addition did little for the film, as a fan of the Clone Wars it was great to see a TV character move onto the big screen.

But his part could have easily gone to Bodi, the pilot. The characters don’t get enough to do to expand them and make them someone you remember. No one will remember their names by the end – besides maybe Jyn and k2, because they were standouts. Jyn wants to find do right by her father and k2 is hilarious. This is the perspective the second viewing gave me. You never get enough to be emotionally invested in any of the others, even if you like them. The story works as a lead-in to A New Hope but doesn’t really stand on its own two feet at all. It’s propped up by the Star wars name and justified as a prequel to a movie all fans love. It is comparable to ESB in the way that it doesn’t accomplish much, it ends with the characters not coming out on top and leaves you needing to see the next one to complete the story. Like it or not they’re going to pump out one of these a year until we’re collectively sick of the franchise, I give this entry a 3.5/5

Addendum: I forgot to mention the music, which was obviously not scored by J.Williams. this was one case where initially it was off-putting, but on that second viewing I appreciated the way he went his own direction with the source material. This whole review was hard. The fanboy in me wants to give it a 4/5, because it was a great star wars movie.. but the movie fan in me has to come to grips that it’s not that grand.. but I am hyped for Saw on Rebels so, they did their job.

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