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Steve Jobs has 2 movies, asteroids have 2 movies or f*ck buddies have 2 movies at the center of 2 movies that came out very close to each other. One has a decent cast and takes a large chunk of his life for the narrative and the other is Steve Jobs. Written by Aaron Sorkin and directed by Danny Boyle, the film follows Jobs through different product launches from 84-98. Based off of a book, the road to getting it made was rocky but it was all for the better by the end. As soon as I found out the man who wrote The Social Network penned this, I had to queue it up.

Michael Fassbender doesn’t look or sound as much like Jobs as Ashton Kutcher, but he still delivers what we have come to think of as the man. He makes you like him, regardless of his nastier qualities. Kate Winslet, Jeff Daniels¬†& Seth Rogan also star, bringing star power to each role. The real Steve Wozniak said Rogan portrayed him to a T. Creative liberties were taken, but the script was wonderfully written and it is visually captivating. In one scene Steve is talking about a spacecraft taking off and eventually crashing down and it visually appears behind him as if it was one of Steve’s presentations on stage.

It doesn’t too much to do with the actual life of Steve Jobs, but they try to fit in some personal bits ahead of every exhibition. It doesn’t quite draw you in and make you care about his seemingly consistent failures for the end victory to matter as much. It ends right as Steve Jobs was set to mature into a better person who made actual life-changing product (though that is sort of represented in the film).¬†The film is limited in its literal three act structure, but it accomplishes many feats within those boundaries. That being said, it doesn’t let you in very deep on who he might be. I give the film a 4.5/5
4 and a half

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