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would it be corny to say #SquadGoals ?

would it be corny to say #SquadGoals ?

Suicide Squad came out swinging. The opening with the great ADD song selection and introducing the core of the squad caught my attention and held it until the idea of Task Force X was rehashed in a government room later by Viola Davis, who makes the character everything one would want from DC’s version of Neck Fury. David Ayer has directed some incredible things (End of Watch & Fury) and written some well researched scripts (Training Day & The Fast & the Furious). In comparison, this does fall short.

I liked the movie though. It must be hard dealing with studios to make a Comic blockbuster and keep it entertaining and funny. Will Smith and Margot Robbie are the leads and my favorite of the cast. Also, Brother from Lost who plays Croc and Jai Courtney caught my liking by the end. I my heartstrings were pulled by Diablo but more so by Deadshot’s daughters part in the film. Lastly I still wonder who the native American guy is who they just shoved in there late and got rid of early.

The villain is a huge flaw, because who, what and where did that come from? Random, side character & out of nowhere, that’s where. The Cameos from Dc heroes made me happy and the joker.. Besides the fact when I closed my eyes it sounded like heath ledger with a grill in, was everything I could want from a Joker in 2016. Soundtrack was killer but honestly the movies didn’t deliver like the trailers did. Those trailers were art pieces. And Spoilers; they don’t get their freedom. I hate that right now looking back but I guess it is a fitting end to a movie about bad guys. They can’t have a fairy tale ending. I give it a 3/5


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