NRR: The Accountant

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This was billed as a viable replacement for Jason Bourne and the best part was you couldn’t tell that from the trailers. It is just as smart and entertaining as Identity plus Ben Affleck has been on a role recently. It would be a disservice to miss him playing a highly functional autistic man + assassin. The director hasn’t done anything that my tastes would find notable, though he did direct the Disney movie “Miracle”. A movie about an accountant who uncooks books with such critical acclaim, I’m disappointed it took so long for me to see it.

Ben pulls off the action and all the while still feels authentic. He kicks ass like it’s a Raid movie yet brings the humor without making an ass of himself. The character does know how to act in social situations, and Ben plays it so well that you get a chuckle from his blunt responses. It has a really dope supporting cast in Jon Bernthal, Anna Kendrick & J.K. Simmons. Kendrick’s character pushing to be involved with Affleck wasn’t entirely believable, but forgivable. Say, if you stayed up all night working on something and someone hints you don’t have to be involved in the work any longer, someone her age doesn’t linger, they gtfo for another nap or a smoke break.

But once she was involved in like the dynamic she brought. The same goes with the other characters, who are involved in some plot twists near the end. They set up for sequels, which I am not opposed to because even though you could call this a play by numbers action movie, it’s really not. It is sort of an origin story a-la Deadpool with flash backs but I only thought that after the fact. The subject matter, his affliction, his upbringing & the style of fighting even all bring us a different feel then most other action movies. It had me doubting if they could duplicate those steps in a sequel, but even if they don’t- the movie was damn good. I give it a 4/5

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