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The game version of the first movie. Because, references...

The game version of the first movie. Because, references…

Before heading into the 4th Matt Damon film in the series (5th total) I decided to re-watch all 3 Jason Bourne movies. While, I love to nit-pick, I still had a wonderful time replaying each adventure. I tried to watch Legacy but only got half way through the side-sequel before I had to bail out. Thinking It should have been named The Cross Something, like the upcoming The Janson Directive starring The Rock.
Watching Identity I was reminded how much Bourne influenced the future of the Bond franchise, one I’ve enjoyed since childhood. He changed the game. and young Matt Damon was propelled into super-stardom because if its success. The plot is full of conveniences that push the action forward, but man is that action fulfilling. It also started the trend of old white guys as the Bad guy which i will bet continues in Jason Bourne.
The opening of Supremacy starts the cycle all over again of old white bad guys and plot servicing action. I enjoyed the whole run around though, even though Paul Greengrass was circling the same subject matter it felt fresh. It also contained my favorite scene, where he defeats a man with a rolled up magazine. A nice second is the “Shes right next to you” line that reveals he had been watching her, that they reused in ultimatum. The reveals of hidden missions and the schemes are all layered on to keep this movie, in my opinion, on even keel with its predecessors.
Lastly,┬áthe penultimate Ultimatum. Widely regarded as the best, a sentiment which I echo The final installment in the trilogy. It improves upon every trope from the previous installments including the car chases and the shaky camera. I actually remember being too close in the theater in 2007 and getting a little sick from it. This ‘Final chapter’ closes with him finding out what brought him into the shady CIA agency while Jason out smarts everyone with their eyes fixed on computer screens pursuing him. It ends on a note that lets us know he is still alive and ready for the 2016 sequel. This movie alone, screw the repetition, bumps the series up to a 4.5/5 in my eyes.

4 and a half

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