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Some people may not have heard the story of Ray Kroc and how he became the founder of McDonalds. I have seen documentaries, which just gloss over Kroc’s heinous acts, instead of highlighting their viciousness. Then The creator of the Big Mac died and I heard on the radio about The Founder movie coming out soon that details how one man, whose face is all over the stores took the company from the McDonald brothers. It must also be said that watching it to completion made me want some food from an establishment that I hadn’t set foot in all year.

It starts out very ‘Death of a Salesman’ as Ray Kroc sadly tries to make ends meet. This causes you to relate to him. He’s obviously old, he is making enough money but it is a load of rejection and time away from home. He links up with the McDonald brothers, who are both portrayed perfectly, and so is his wife. It doesn’t go in depth enough with his family life, just hints at it. The film is well acted, which is something I bring up often, but you need that. There is a lot of exposition, but it is not horribly written, so you are hanging on to see the next step the man is going to make as he sells the brothers bread and butter as his own.

The movie isn’t some boring take on an elderly man taking over a franchise from some yokels. It is The Social Network of food. You are made to feel for this old man on his last leg as he works his way to being successful with these stores. Then when he does dastardly things, you can acknowledge their ferocity, while still being very invested in the character. That is smart writing from the man who wrote The Wrestler. As Kroc’s suits and office gets nicer, he gets more vile as he goes from representing the brothers interests to benefitting himself to the fullest. The movie pulls you in and gives you enough biographical information about a company we all know to keep you interested regardless of any shortcomings. I’d give it a 4/5


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