NRR: The Girl with The dragon Tattoo

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The girl with the dragon tattoo is a remake of a successful Swedish film that was itself an adaption of a book. The book is the first in a series and though the movie is a wonderful standalone, you can tell that they hoped to do more. The sequels though have been postponed for some time, but rumors swirl of Fede Alvarez to Direct. The director on the 2011 film was the meticulous David Fincher. He worked the story into submission. The film won The Best Editing Oscar to inform how well put together it is.

Mara Rooney dug deep into this role, that comes off lie a female superhero. Jessica Drew is pretty much the Salamander character with powers. She plays the part with great contrast to Daniel Craig, who’s character’s life is tough in different ways. The list of potential suspects is also performed well and lead you to believe anyone on this little island could be the criminal. One such performance is by the gentlemen from marvels “Thor/Avengers”, who gives a layered performance of his character who is also putting on a performance.

Having never seen the original or first adaption of the source material I am totally unaware of what could have been. Critics say it was more faithful to the books, but nevertheless. This adaptation is moving and confident with each step. The Swedish setting was a nice change of pace from the Americas that we most often see on film. In between the meaty parts, this thriller does seem like a TV show that’s gone on far too long. This is due in part to it needed to cover so much ground in order to get to the next reveal and because they are leading up to sequels. Being a lover of sequels and having a potential looming by the Evil Dead director, I honestly hope Rooney comes back due to her commitment to the role. Otherwise, we might get the same girl from all Alvarez’s movies, Jane Levy. The film is worth more than one watch, so I’m inclined to give this a 4.5/5

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