NRR: The Great & The Small

I occasionally love to watch an independent film & I always seem to pick good ones. This one is no different, the story of a 26 year old who still acts like a young man at a time when most are coming to/ or have came to grips with the fact it’s time to move forward. It starts out the way I have said in the past is the most gripping for an independent film; with nudity. The foul mouthed protagonist and his sometime sexual partner are a good representation of the generation that is currently in their 20’s. I have an eye for stories that I can relate too, just based off the box cover art.

The story is engaging, though one comes to realized much too late that the story is skipping around a timeline. It is though engaging and relatable for those who have made it up in age and still think the way they did when they were young and reckless. The coloring of this movie does a good job, muting the tones enough that everything feels a bit dull and trashy. The acting was good, but not phenomenal as all that I saw in the Oscar shorts. The synopsis you might read isn’t quite on point, but neither is the story. He’s not trying to win back his ex, he’s not necessarily got or becoming a good father figure, he’s meandering.

It feels like 4 short stories coalescing into one movie. The crazy lady Margaret was a high for me as well as the southern detective. Margaret was never really given an arc, just put in as a nice addition to the other plots in the film. She doesn’t get closure, but the others get a satisfying end to all of their threads. By the end everything wraps up in a tight little bow, which is good if you’ve been feeling for the characters throughout – but not very realistic. That and the slow pace lower my view of the overall product. I give this film a 3.5/5

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