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Classic Media Re-imagined in TAS form

Classic Media Re-imagined in TAS form

This is supposed to be the last outing Mark Hamill takes as the Joker & was the best batman animated Batman movies that I have seen in quite some time. Not that I disliked The previous movies, which kept the same continuity and featured Damien Wayne as robin. They are okay, but this comes across as 2 connected episodes of my favorite Batman The Animated Series TV show. I lend that to the adult content, the returning voice actors and the fact it was made by Bruce Timm.

The following presents minor spoilers.
The first is a prequel about Batgirl and her stepping away from the cowl. For one reason or another, she gets in too deep and has to step away. It wasn’t drawn from the original story, but the subject matter and its execution only lend to the narrative.They really are two different tales that happen to flow when put next to each other. It delves into the relationships between Batman and Barbara that the original comic never did.

Moving along to the actual story the Hamill gives a fairly stripped down performance as the joker, that still would rank as one of my favorite. Whether you’ve read the comic or not, I think the story is most definitely enough to move any Batman fan. Giving Alan Moore’s deep version of Joker’s backstory and laying out the juxtaposition & similarities between him and the Caped Crusader. Kevin Conroy is also back as Batman lending me all the feels from my childhood. I give it 5/5

5 stars

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