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One Man who is truly a good guy and one who is somehow invulnerable.

One Man who is truly a good guy and one who is somehow invulnerable.

Shane Black is a wonderful director, who does a wonderful job with buddy cop/investigator movies. From Pittsburgh and starting out as a screenwriter, he is a big inspiration to me. He wrote the best Lethal Weapons and directed Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. I know he will not disappoint with the reboot to the Predator film (just as I felt about Robert Rodriguez). The two main characters are a surprisingly fitting team who I believe in soon after they start to gel as a pair. The daughter of Gosling’s character though was continuously my favorite part of the film

The film also adds Kim Basinger into the mix, which after Googling it made me want to see LA Confidential. The story seems a bit screwy in the beginning, but when the pieces all started coming together you can sort of call how it is going to end up. Savy movie-goers will be able to tell who the bad guy is once they’re introduced and that takes away from any sense of mystery and suspense the first half was holding onto. The action is very nice and it was dope to see Keith David make his way back into popular movies. It was also nice to see realistic things happen to characters every so often as well, like getting hurt on the job or making the wrong prediction on a lead.

The Nice Guys is over the top in plenty of places and perfectly funny in many more. At one point there is an outlandish sequence with Hannibal Buress that you want to, but somehow cant hate. One scene where the daughter is meant to make Crowe feel like a ‘good guy’ was a personal low point, but at that point the movie had already been running for too long. Yes, by the end it sort of felt like the movie would never end. Much of the movie is also very coincidental such as how they found one of the dead bodies and how the girl in the yellow dress escaped the villain. These hang-ups keep it from being a perfect film, and are why I would hand it a 4/5

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