NRR: The Purge (3) Election Year

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Scandalous, Semi-Powerful and at times agitating Summer Pop-Buster

Scandalous, Semi-Powerful and at times agitating Summer Pop-Buster


The Purge three came at the perfect time. With reports Donald trump influenced the Title and clearly the Tagline “Keep America Great”, Election Year is the society Donald painted for us in his RNC speech.  Clumsy and Clunky at times it was a decent mixture of torture porn and thriller. I sort of regret that I wrote off The Purge: Anarchy, but I have a feeling it’s gotten better with every sequel.

Frank Grillo returns and he is a high point for the movie. I enjoy almost every moment with him and Elizabeth Mitchell; the female, radical 3rd party candidate is feeling the burn after being targeted by the New Founding Fathers. I particularly loved the gritty action and all my favorite lines delivered by Mykelti Williamson (Bubba Gump).

So it had badass moment. I noticed the faults the most in the middle as they transition from safe spot to safe spot as all crumbles in their wake. It pulls off the ending & I was even a little sad in the end which means I had surprisingly invested in the characters. But in the end I just wanted to put on “Look Who’s Purging Now”. Id give it a 3/5


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