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Wilderness - A Dish Best Served Cold..

Wilderness – A Dish Best Served Cold..

So, from what I gather – being nominated for an award is as close as it comes to honest accolades, as winning has more to do with campaigning to the people who vote. Is like to think Leo never one at the academy because he never partook in such events to sway the decision, but after Wolf of Wall Street its hard to disagree the public did do the work for him. Facebook memos, articles in magazines & talk news shows all discusses the Oscar evaded DiCaprio. They owed him. But that doesn’t mean the Birdman director didn’t set him up nicely for the alley-oop.

Alejandro G. Iñárritu is doing well for a Mexican American director, as every one of his movies have gained immense praise. Somehow neglecting what I said earlier, he earned the Oscar for Best Director. He delivers a story of trappers evading Indians masterfully. I felt like I was in the 1800s and that is solely due to the proper direction. The cast doesn’t fall short either, with Tom Hardy, Will Poulter and the rest of the trappers doing a fine job. The Native American cast too, I fear their presence as a people on a warpath due to the injustice of the Americans.

The bear scene reminds me alot of Red Dead Redemption. It’s because I’m younger but, being in the woods hunting and subsequently being rolled up on by a bear and mauled to death was familiar. All jokes aside, it was visceral as the shot never cut away from the violence. My only qualm is what took so long for him to pull out a knife. I liked the fight scenes that seems so real they might fall into my living room. I’d say it has much to due with the fact I don’t mind violence. Hateful 8 and other Tarantino flicks enthrall me and this was a realistic take on that kind of violence. It’s amazing this was sort of based on a true story because Leo’s character Glass was almost invincible. I give this movie a 5/5


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