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A movie I'm glad i waited 7 years to see

A movie I’m glad i waited 7 years to see


I never read The Watchmen, but I knew that Alan Moore made it and it took them over 25 years to even touch the material in a comic. Zack Snyder made it, and I loved 300 and even more so Dawn of the Dead. I know that he made a famous comic book movie everyone debates over rather it was good or bad. And unlike Badman V. Superman I liked it. I decided to go straight in on the Directors Cut.

Here, similarly to BvS Snyder perfectly captures the feel of a graphic novel, which works well, in my opinion with obscure characters than pop culture figures like Superman. I enjoyed the superhero story that didn’t have the stereotype DC or Marvel heros. This has its own mythos, and watching it’s intricacies unfold it pure entertainment. It’s an alternate reality then our own, the heros are human & the mystery is encapsulating.

My favorite character is Rorschach. He gets what Nite Owl & Silk Spectre come to realize; This is who they are. Mr. Manhatten is interesting being a Superman parallel. With the looming threat of WWIII during the cold war and him the only thing that could stop it. I must admit there is too much blue penis. There is even a sex scene. I can’t remember a sex scene in any live action hero movie except, Super. Great fortune brings most of our heros together during a prison riot, which was a delight. The events that unfold after are a delight, including the reveal of the villain.  I think it’s better that I saw this movie after so many phases of Marvel movies , making me love it that much more. Im giving it a 4/5


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