NRR: Timecode

Unexpectedly, we have one clocking in at 15 minutes. Timecode is another movie with subtitles, no English (but this time it’s Spanish. I love the sound of sSpanish. It starts out with a short and clean title. Also, a bit of panty action to sweeten the Honey pot. I feel like if an independent movie director is smart, he’ll put in a little panty shot to intrigue men, but not too much as to invoke eye rolls from the ladies. She’s a parking lot security guard who does the last four hours of her shift off the clock as per the boss’ request.

A situation with said boss brings her attention to her opposite shift coworker and he takes the Firat Position with his choice of performance art. This is when the tone of the flip switches from being realistic to something else. Not in a bad way, just in an unexplainable way – without spoiling it. The director keeps the subject matter grounded in reality, while the two characters continually Step Up to the camera shift after shift.

After leaving post-it note after post-it note, the audience is lead to believe a romance might bud. This never occurs. Instead, you are given your conclusion when they are both replaced and the Boss Gets Served with the reality of what they were doing day after day. There is barely any dialogue except what sets up the world and expertly closes the film. It is certainly unique. It doesn’t Take The Lead as my favorite short this year. I still wanna give it a 4/5

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