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A truly Transformative Tale #WalrusYes

A truly Transformative Tale #WalrusYes

I got into Tusk because I am really looking forward to the Yoga Hosers movie. If I’m intrigued, I like to see a story all the way through. Also love Kevin Smith. Ive seen every K.S. movie except Copout, though I do not remember what happens in Red State, his last film before a 3 year hiatus, because I never re-watched it again and again like the others. Enough about me though and my affinity for his flicks. I don’t see how he got this flick made but has yet to get his hockey Movie-turned-TV-Series “Hit Somebody” made, but I digress. I never heard the podcast from whence the premise came until after and I’m kind of glad I didn’t

The idea very much plays like Human Centipede and is more in the realm of Horror than Comedy. I didn’t find the abduction of a podcaster and his transformation into a monster funny, more horrifying. A situation you stumble into that changes you in terrible ways just frightened me. Besides that though I wasn’t given jumps scares but situations that alarmed me. Like Howard Howe’s creepiness or the thought of trying to swim in that suit. I barely laughed at the opening, but i felt it was fitting the Podcaster Wallace was going to see “The Kill Bill Kid” because this movie struct me as, as close to Tarantino-eque Smith might come. I did enjoyed Ralph Garman & Harley Morenstein (The creator of epic meal time)’s portrayal of Canadians thoroughly.

My favorite part was Johnny Depp’s character, who I did laugh at, often. Every scene he was in I was smiling, and not just because of his silly accent and make-up. He delivered some of the films best lines with great comedic timing. The scene with the 2 teenage girl clerks ranks high too, because that is the reason I sat to watch this movie, to get the tie-in to Yoga hosers and must say I am excited to see where this all goes next. The ending is great, and just as Scott Mosier described it in the podcast (which i came to realize afterward). I can not believe Kevin Smith took an article for living arrangements, fleshed it out on a Podcast and made it a movie. Only Kevin, I give it a 3.5 out of 5


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